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Transported back to childhood: The intense, unmistakable aroma envelops you from the moment you enter, beckoning you into a world of 120 different kinds of chocolate.

In selecting our range we keep our philosophy firmly in line with our taste preferences, focussing our energies on the best chocolate producers and cocoa bean growers in the world: South America and Africa. Our chocolate ranges from 30% to 100%, to toasted cocoa beans; we stock a wide array of flavoured chocolates including liquorice, chilli pepper and mint, and a chocolate-coated range featuring ginger, orange, lemon and fig. We also offer two types of white chocolate (Fair Trade from Peru and white chocolate with Piedmont hazelnuts) and, last but not least, luscious chocolate spreads with gianduja and Cervia sea salt.


Our opening hours: from 6 pm

Closed: Wednesday

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