The Dolomites, the Pale Mountains

The Dolomites, the Pale Mountains

The prince was fascinated by that place so full of light, which was shiny and white, and was even more enthralled by the daughter of the king, with whom he instantly fell in love. He was, however, forced to abandon the moon because the strong light was damaging his eyesight. He went back to the earth and brought the pretty princess with him, whom he had married in the meantime.

The beautiful young lady initially adored her new life on earth, with marvellous meadows and the blue waters of picturesque lakes, but the sombre mountains and the shady woods were like a curse for her, making her feel melancholic, so much so that she was forced to go back to the moon. Her husband felt great dismay, for he loved her greatly.

The two lovers were desperate. A cruel destiny had condemned them to a life spent far from each other. One day, as the prince was frantically going through the woods, he met a dwarf, the King of the Salvani, whom he told his sad story. The King was moved by this story and asked the prince if he and his subjects could live in the woods. In return, he would make sure the mountains were illuminated by the shiny moonlight. They signed a deal and the men collected the moonlight for an entire night, covering the rocks with it.

The princess could then go back to the earth and live with her beloved husband, and the Dolomites were from then on called the Pale Mountains.

This is the proof that the fascinating and mysterious South Tyrol woods often hold interesting secrets… go out and explore! You may well come across one of them.