The legend of King  Laurino

The legend of King Laurino

One day, Prince Hartwig decided to marry the pretty Similda. He invited all the noblemen in his reign to take part in a joust, held in May. He invited everyone, except King Laurino. Laurino, however, decided to become invisible and go there anyway. When he saw Similda at the tourney, he was struck by her beauty, so much so that he fell deeply in love with her, he kidnapped her and took her with him. Hartwig then asked the King of the Goths for help and they went in search of the pretty lady, ready to fight for her. King Laurino then wore his belt and joined the battle. When he saw that the belt was not enough, he put on his cloak and started jumping around the garden, believing they could not see him. The knights, however, could detect his movement by the roses, which he moved whilst trying to hide under them. They caught him, cut the magic belt and captured him.

Laurino was then so frustrated for this change of fate, then he turned to the Rosengarten, who had betrayed him, and cast a spell on the mountains: from then on, nobody could have admired those marvellous peaks, neither during the day, nor at night. Laurino had, however, forgotten sunsets, and so from then on, the Rosengarten is bestowed with exceptional rose-tinted colours at dawn and at sunset…

Every legend contains some truth. Here we have a hint to the unique Dolomites colours, which excel at dawn and at sunset. The white rocks which feature in these mountains stand against the sky and set the scene aflame. This is the Enrosadira Colour, The Colour of the Roses.