Life is a treat – culinary experiences at Ciasa Salares

At Ciasa Salares, we are not talking about the exceptional quality of the decor, the sensational Beauty Spa Vives or the friendliness of the ever-smiling staff, always willing to go the extra mile for you. We are talking about food. Glorious food. Everyone loves eating and even if you are not a foodie, you’ll surely rejoice and cherish the memories of your meals here.

Not one, not two, but five restaurants welcome you – La Siriola, Salares, La Terrazza, the Wine Bar and the Wine Cellar. A truly multi-faceted gastronomic offering that will awake your senses and take you on a most extraordinary culinary journey.

What exactly do you eat at a Michelin-starred hotel? The food of the Gods? Ambrosia and all that jazz? The La Siriola menu is all about experiences. Larch – a journey of taste through 8 surprise steps, Arolla, Pine, Fir, Birch.

You may also catch some of the secrets of this astonishing restaurant by taking part in a cooking demonstration with chef Matteo Metullio and his staff. You will have access to what goes on behind the scene and take a glimpse of the chef’s philosophy and identity. And, “of course, you are also going to taste some of the creations.”

If a culinary journey is your credo, then look no further. Kaiserschmarren, anyone? Loved by the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I – or, legend has it, by his wife Elizabeth, Sissi - this shredded pancake is common all over Austria and chiefly in Tyrol. Savour it with cranberry jam for a unique experience. Asparagus and scampi sauce risoni are simply sublime. Worth going back to the San Cassiano only to savour this dish again.  What about Bronte pistachios? Famous the world over, here you’ll have a mousse with mango heart – From Bronte to Fortaleza. Divine. Enjoy stronger tastes? Anchovies from the Cantabric Sea are waiting for you and you’ll simply love them. Or would you rather fancy a Porto Santo Spirito octopus and King Prawns skewer or a quail filled homemade ravioli?

Since family traditions are sacred at Ciasa Salares, you surely won’t want to miss nonna Hilda’s Herb Garden. She’s taken care of it ever since 1967 and it’s her joy and pride. 15 types of salad and 60 aromatic herbs adorn this 100% organic gem. Why not have a refreshing aperitivo while exploring this small wonder? Hugo with fresh mint and elderflower syrup, G&T with thyme, mountain basil or lavender flowers, or even Saké with yuzu.

Would a trip to San Cassiano be complete without tasting some speck? Nonno Paoli will tell you all the secrets behind the production of speck, accompanied by some delicious wine.  

The world is your oyster. A unique culinary experience awaits you at Ciasa Salares.