An accordion for the future: the Herbert Pixner Project and improvised world music

Herper Pixner is a South Tyrol-based performer who created a new genre, “world music” or “folk fusion”: He gave birth to the Herbert Pixner Project, a heterogeneous group composed by his sister Heidi, who plays the harp, the Austrian contrabass-player Werner Unterlercher and Manuel Randi, the fashion guitar player from Bozen. Decidedly a varied mix which gives rise to unbelievable performances; what makes this band unique, in addition to its fresh approach to music, sometimes verging towards rock or blues, and the new interpretation of older traditions, is the fact that they improvise at pretty much every concert, making this an exclusive event. Herbert transforms his life experiences in music, telling his own stories through the various instruments.

Herbert grew up in the Passeier Valley, not far from Meran, and had always been involved with music, playing in the local group. It was not until he was sixteen that, while listening to the Steirisch model of an accordion, he was struck. His father understood his talent and, a family of shepherds, they decided to sell two cows to buy him the accordion. He learnt to play this difficult instrument, as well as the trumpets or clarinet he plays at concerts, by himself: a true performer with a great talent.

Despite this innate gift, however, it has not always been easy to earn a living as a musician. The music industry is, as we all know, quite fickle and temperamental: he had to interrupt his studies at the college of music to make ends meet. He worked in several radios, taught in music schools, organised seminars, played everywhere and also worked as a shepherd in the summer.

His dream was always that of giving rise to his own project, and he succeeded with the creation of the aforementioned Herbert Pixner Project The band is in charge of everything: in addition to composing and recording their own music, they organise concerts and sell tickets themselves. Herbert founded a record company in 2014, the Three Saints Records, which meant they were free to perform the music they enjoyed the most.  The band plays between South Tyrol, Austria and Germany, organising an astonishing 100 concerts per year. Their music is far from being commercial, and this true nature, which has accompanied them ever since they started, is the secret of their success.

If authenticity and original music is what you are after, then you will treasure this talented music group and its enchanting allure.

Savour some of their excellent music here