Nicola Zanetti | Chef of the "La Terrazza restaurant"
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Nicola Zanetti

Nicola Zanetti was born in Treviso on 4 May 1972.

“Since I was a little boy I used to spend my afternoons in the kitchen with my mum. I was up to my elbows making pasta – tells Nicola – and mamma kindled my passion for cooking and good food”.

At the age of 13 he decides to become a chef and enrolls at the Professional Hotel & Catering Institute at Castelfranco Veneto in the province of Treviso.

Soon after graduating in 1989 he starts working at the “Relais El Toulá” restaurant in Ponzano Veneto (also near Treviso) where he stays for over ten years, honing his skills and developing professionally.
This episode is interrupted on just a few occasions while he expresses his creativity as a private chef for various families of note.

In 2011 comes his big breakthrough, when his enthusiasm for the mountains leads him to Val Badia and a decisive meeting with the Wieser family.
With both sides sharing the same philosophy, based on the use of top-quality basic ingredients to create great dishes with no unnecessary manipulation, there begins a culinary adventure that continues to this day with the multi-faceted gastronomic offering of the Hotel Ciasa Salares, featuring Restaurant La Terrazza, Restaurant Salares and Wine Bar Siriola.