Restaurant la Siriola | Chef Matteo Metullio's cuisine
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Restaurant la Siriola **

Chef Matteo Metullio’s honest cuisine comes from his valid work.
The youngest Michelin starred Italian chef flies along with the magic nightingale – siriola – to wider developments.

We have always given great importance to spontaneous harvest, genuine and unique products.
The contact with true artisans of raw materials, who not only live in accordance with Nature’s cycles but also know how to use her best gifts and how to work and conserve them, allow us to offer five extraordinary menus.

The leading theme of these menus is “the wood”. Five cubes have been crafted out of these logs.
You will enrich not only your taste memory but you will also take home a sample of wood of Alta Badia.

Restaurant La Siriola* further offers a Big tasting menu Elderflower with 10 surprise courses and a selection of fine chocolates.

La Siriola is one of the rare international restaurants where all dishes can be paired with fine wines by the glass. We use to lead our Guests to the Chocolate Room where more than 40 sorts of chocolate can be tasted and purchased… a unique sensorial experience.


In the dining room, Patron Stefan Wieser with Paolo Casti and staff


Open from 7,15 pm until 9,30 pm | Day off: ON MONDAYS



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