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An accordion for the future: the Herbert Pixner Project and improvised world music

lHerbert Pixner Project



Think of an accordion and you’ll imagine folk nights, barn dances and Highland or country dance revivals.

Well, think again. A clever musician has reinvented the way music groups interact with each other. 


Walking in autumn



We’ve had a very warm and enjoyable summer pretty much everywhere, though the thought of balmy nights feels truly distant. The days are getting shorter, the morning air is crisp and we welcome a warm supper when we get home in the evening. 

Autumn is a marvellous month, glorious colours enveloping the leaves on the trees, the changing lights giving us true emotions, the landscape evoking a canvas ready to be painted with bright hues.


Luge: a South Tyrol history

suedtirol altoadige otto bachmann-63


Otto Bachmann. How many times have you seen this surname, written in capital letters, promoting the business of the former world luge champion?

His shiny yellow trademark luges are a feast for the eyes and a pleasure to ride. 


Matteo Metullio and his two-Michelin stars at the restaurant La Siriola

f80a  freddy planinschek


Michelin stars are all the rage when it comes to the food industry, however why is the world so obsessed with them?  


Outdoor watch

 We all know the importance of timings in the mountains. In addition to telling us the time, quite clearly, leaving too late in the morning or failing to return at a set time may have various consequences, such as missing a cable car or not meeting our friends at an arranged place.

In recent years, however, “mere” watches have become proper machines, with several combined functions which will make our day a much more pleasant and enjoyable one.


A concept store in South Tyrol – a place to dream

Concept store

What are concept stores? The idea is that of showcasing a series of products and objects, offering an experience of exploration and discovery through a series of suggestions, coming from the items sold and the architecture of the surroundings.

A shop becomes a sensorial experience, a journey through the senses, a moment to treasure.

The first concept store was opened by Ralph Lauren in New York in 1986, aiming to recreate the luxury of a phantasmagorical Hollywood film set.



It’s time to go out and about, explore the marvellous mountains surrounding us, taking in breath-taking views, marvelling at the superb colours and sounds of the Dolomites.

While we may be competent when it comes to choosing a jacket, a backpack or shoes, we may not be so familiar with trekking poles. Here is some beta.

Trekking poles enhance stability and provide support while walking, reducing the impact force on your knees; most are adjustable in length and some include internal springs that absorb shock. They are a standard piece of equipment for walkers, hikers and mountaineers of all levels and abilities.




Chocolate room


Experiencing chocolate in its purest form, marvelling at adventurous flavour combinations and tasting up to forty varieties of chocolate. All this and more is possible in our extraordinary Chocolate Room.

Although we are all familiar with this exotic, intriguing and most pleasing ingredient – sometimes called “anti-depressant” in view of its high serotonin content - not everyone may know that chocolate was first and foremost known in its liquid form, sugar having nothing to do with it.





Vini biodinamici


Italy is, without doubt, unbeatable when it comes to the quality of its wines. Whether you opt for is for fresh bubbles or full-bodied wines, you are spoilt for choice in this country. What many people may not be so familiar with, however, are biodynamic wines.

Though this appellative may sound far-fetched when applied to the food industry, biodynamic agriculture pays much respect, in fact, to the world we live in and for this reason we should endeavour to find out more about this practice.




12 Alta Badia mountainbike nel parco naturale del Fanes by Freddy Planinschek


Going to the mountains is simply marvellous. You can reconnect with nature and feel in unison with the exceptional surroundings.  You can do so on foot, hiking along easy or more demanding paths, climbing or venturing into via ferratas, or cycling your way around.  With a mountain bike, you can delve into the natural realm and explore exciting mountain paths. 

If you are new to this world, you will wonder how to get started, given the sheer variety of models, prices and technologies employed.