The DoloMitici | Starry chefs and fun in Alta Badia
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The DoloMitici

A phone conversation on a beautiful day in July 2004: “Shall we meet for lunch at Hugo and Ursula’s hut for something to eat and a good chat?”
Everyone came along: Hugo and Ursula Pizzinini, chef Norbert Niederkofler, Stefan and Wilma Wieser and Michil Costa. After a bite to eat and a glass or two, tongues loosened, minds opened and people began to speculate together on the idea of putting on major food and wine events in the valley. That day it was decided to invite some close friends from the Alta Badia to enjoy the first picnic of Ferragosto (the mid-August holiday) in the woods below the Lagazuoi. Wilma suggested that the happy band be called the “DoloMitici”.
The success and the amazement in watching these three “competing colleagues” and the satisfaction of the DoloMitici in having founded this healthy partnership was the starter for great things.