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Cheese and wine tasting


Nothing beats a plate of cheese and bread paired with a glass of wine. At Ciasa Salares,a member of our ‘cheese team’ with a mean cheese knife and a wealth of cheese knowledge is always on hand to take you into the cheese room and show you what we have on offer. Enjoy a selection of 70 different cheeses.

Cheese gives us the opportunity to be creative. Matching different colours, forms and flavours, combine different textures and taste, in accordance or in contradiction. Our Wine Cellar counts more than 1800 different wine labels

Stefan Wieser is the expert and he is describing the great Italian wines and the wines from Alto Adige. He is able to reveal every secret of the wines and he is ready to answer all questions. At Ciasa you have the possibility to taste labels from different producers in one single appointment.

Wine tasting with small snacks

6 Alto Adige wine tasting (minimum 2, maximum 6) € 36

6 Biodynamic wine tasting (minimum 2, maximum 6) € 48

6 Italian wine tasting (minimum 2, maximum 6) € 42

6 “Great” Italian wine (minimum 4, maximum 6) € 72

Cheese tasting

Pair your wine tasting with our cheese € 18


On reservation at the reception by 5pm of the same day
At 6.00 pm

Prices are per person

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