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It’s time to go out and about, explore the marvellous mountains surrounding us, taking in breath-taking views, marvelling at the superb colours and sounds of the Dolomites.

While we may be competent when it comes to choosing a jacket, a backpack or shoes, we may not be so familiar with trekking poles. Here is some beta.

Trekking poles enhance stability and provide support while walking, reducing the impact force on your knees; most are adjustable in length and some include internal springs that absorb shock. They are a standard piece of equipment for walkers, hikers and mountaineers of all levels and abilities.




Chocolate room


Experiencing chocolate in its purest form, marvelling at adventurous flavour combinations and tasting up to forty varieties of chocolate. All this and more is possible in our extraordinary Chocolate Room.

Although we are all familiar with this exotic, intriguing and most pleasing ingredient – sometimes called “anti-depressant” in view of its high serotonin content - not everyone may know that chocolate was first and foremost known in its liquid form, sugar having nothing to do with it.





Vini biodinamici


Italy is, without doubt, unbeatable when it comes to the quality of its wines. Whether you opt for is for fresh bubbles or full-bodied wines, you are spoilt for choice in this country. What many people may not be so familiar with, however, are biodynamic wines.

Though this appellative may sound far-fetched when applied to the food industry, biodynamic agriculture pays much respect, in fact, to the world we live in and for this reason we should endeavour to find out more about this practice.




12 Alta Badia mountainbike nel parco naturale del Fanes by Freddy Planinschek


Going to the mountains is simply marvellous. You can reconnect with nature and feel in unison with the exceptional surroundings.  You can do so on foot, hiking along easy or more demanding paths, climbing or venturing into via ferratas, or cycling your way around.  With a mountain bike, you can delve into the natural realm and explore exciting mountain paths. 

If you are new to this world, you will wonder how to get started, given the sheer variety of models, prices and technologies employed.



How to walk on a difficult terrain



As the days are getting longer and warmer, we may feel like taking some strides outdoors, going for a hike or a walk.

We all know that having proper shoes will help us walk more steadily and safely; there are, however, some tips we can bear in mind when the terrain we walk on is “difficult”, i.e. gravelly, rocky, grassy, slippery and so on.  Add a touch of angle and gradient and we may be in for a tough ride.

How do we avoid slipping and landing on our bum?

Vibram FiveFingers®: barefoot running

vibram five fingers


We’re all somehow familiar with the FiveFingers®: shoes with an interesting look and a natural feel. Not everybody knows, however, that a South Tyrol man invented them: Robert  Fliri. Stemming from Naturno in Vinschgau, he is a down-to-earth and humble person, despite having risen to fame and fortune with his Vibram-produced invention. 






46 years old. 1,60 m tall, weighing 50 kg, brown eyes, brown hair, 61 tattoos, born in 3350 b.C.?! Well, who can that be if not Ötzi, the most famous mummy in the Alps?

You say mummy and everyone thinks about Egypt, sarcophagi and archaeologists’ adventures on the Nile. Apparently, however, the practice of conserving dead corpses through mummifications was more common than we’d think, though Ötzi is a one of a kind. No similar ancient mummy has reached us in such good conditions. This mummy, now known as The Iceman, was discovered among the glaciers in Val Senales in 1991 and is now kept at the Museo Archeologico dell’Alto Adige in Bozen. 






Winter sports: who doesn’t love the sun reflecting on the snow and leaving marvellous glowing rays, crisp air and bright, blue skies?

South Tyrol offers endless opportunities, from downhill to cross-country skiing, off-piste and snow shoeing, fat bikes, moonlit strolls… you name it, you have it.

Whatever the intensity of our effort, however, we have to bear in mind that specific nutritional guidelines apply when we train in the cold.



Oli Essenziali B


Bereits in der Antike waren ätherische Öle für ihre zahlreichen wohltuenden Eigenschaften und Anwendungsmöglichkeiten bekannt. Die Bekämpfung von Mikroben mit natürlichen Mitteln hat ihren therapeutischen Wert klar gezeigt: Ätherische Öle töten Bakterien ab bzw. wirken bakteriostatisch, können also Krankheitserreger vernichten oder deren Vermehrung hemmen, ohne die saprophytische und symbiotische Darmflora  zu beeinflussen. 




Für einen Top-Look und den unwiderstehlichen Blick ist der erste Schritt eine Definition der Augenbrauen – im Makeup-Bereich geradezu ein Muss. Retouchieren, Zupfen und Formen sind vielen Frauen eine wohlbekannte Prozedur. Eine Form zu schaffen, die das Auge richtig umrahmt und aufwertet ist kein leichtes Unterfangen. Deshalb ist es stets ratsam, sich für die Wahl der richtigen Form an Experten zu wenden: dünn, dicht, eckig…